Avenue Fashions   720 Waukegan Rd K Deerfield,IL60015   (847) 940-1818
Avenue Fashions
720 Waukegan Rd K
DeerfieldIL 60015
 (847) 940-1818

Reviews Of Avenue Fashions

4.90 52 Reviews
Cathy Cohen
Mar 11, 2018

It was quick, easy and honest.

Jean Burnstine
Feb 21, 2018

Excellent service and very personable sales people who know their inventory and customer base well

Cathy Bernstein Kase
Jan 03, 2018

Avenue Fashions never disappoints, Sandy and her staff always help me find "the" outfit at my price point. Also love their seamstress - she is truly the best!

Dec 30, 2017

I love being a shopper at AVenue Fashions. I don't shop often, but when I do, I always feel like I am special. I have the full attention of the staff and get treated like royalty. I love browsing and always find something lovely that is flattering to me. Sandy's taste is so gorgeous and her tailoring talents are among the best. Thank you for always treating me like a queen! Hugs, Geri Goldberg

cynthia oliver
Dec 28, 2017

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